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When I Think of Galway

Apr 17

Galway-001When I think of Galway, I think of the vibrancy and the contagious energy of the city. I think of how it seemed to be juxtaposition – both boisterous and quiet, quaint and raucous.

When I think of Galway, I picture the quiet, serene moments: basking in the sun beside the waterfront, the faint sound of a guitar strum nearby. I see the multi-hued homes dotting the seaside, a colourful contrast against the blue-grey waters of Galway Bay.

Galway Bay 3 Galway BayWhen I think of Galway, I think of the people – the spirited, affable locals. I hear the clamour of busy pubs reverberating throughout the city, a soundtrack of fiddles and drums, hushed chatter and clanking glasses.

When I think of Galway, I realize it’s the Ireland I’d always imagined; a picture of friendliness, charm and craic.

Galway Tig CóilíAnd the next time I hear the melodic sound of a fiddle, or the distinct cadence of the Irish accent, I’ll think of Galway.

Have you been to Galway?


  • Reply LC Apr 19 at 1:40 pm

    The last time I went to Galway I got stuck in a bar that was full of hen’s parties. The music was awful, but my friend didn’t want to leave as she was busy honing in on the one good looking Irish boy in the bar.
    The first time I went, many years ago, I had a horrible head cold and was staying in a hostel room with no heating. I was too ill to go out and spent the entire time eating Malteasers in the common room and watching “In the Name of the Father”, while sulking (was 20 years old and wanted to party). Not even a young Daniel-Day Lewis could improve the situation.
    It’s a place I’ve always wanted to like, but just haven’t managed to connect with. I’m glad you did, however.

    • Reply ashleywanders Apr 28 at 6:45 pm

      Haha oh god, I’m not sure which visit sounds worse! 😉 I hope you get the chance to visit again – this time perhaps without any hen parties or illnesses!

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