The Trouble with Wanderlust

Sep 11

Santorini Caldera ViewThe trouble with wanderlust is.. it keeps you in a state of limbo. It leaves you simultaneously longing for the familiar and the far flung, the comforts of home and the thrill of the unknown, the security of a community and the freedom of the open road.

The trouble with wanderlust is.. contentment begins to feel unattainable. You find yourself on a never-ending quest to find a place that is so captivating, so all-consuming the rest of the world stops beckoning.

The trouble with wanderlust is.. it hinders your ability to be present. There’s a constant struggle to live in the moment when you’re always dreaming of your next adventure, fixated on what’s yet to come.

The trouble with wanderlust is.. it’s impossible to satiate the craving, to quell the yearning. It begs the question, when will it be enough? Will it ever be enough?

The trouble with wanderlust is..  it takes precedent over almost everything in your life. It will consume your thoughts and daydreams, and cause you to rethink and rearrange your priorities. You’ll find yourself doing whatever it takes – sacrificing people, places, and things in order to travel.

The trouble with wanderlust is.. it has a perpetual nature. That innate, deep-rooted need to see the world isn’t a fleeting feeling; its intensity may ebb and flow, and it may quiet temporarily, but it will never fully relinquish.

Do you feel consumed by wanderlust?


  • Reply LC Sep 22 at 7:28 pm

    It’s a real issue. 🙂

    • Reply ashleywanders Sep 24 at 7:36 pm

      I know eh? 😉

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